Latest Trends in Software Testing Services

Software testing services are an inseparable part of any development project as it means to assess the quality of the product. Software services in India has been witnessing an unprecedented growth in technology and they address to every single challenge that come across testing part of the product lifecycle. According to researches, software development firms all over the world invest more than $50 billion in testing and quality assurance very year. Here, we are going to review some of the latest trends of software services in India.

  • Since the number of cell phone users is growing tremendously; there has been an increasing demand in mobile application testing. There are gazillions of applications on both App Store and Play Store and each and every application need to go through the testing process. It is of utmost importance for Software testing services to ensure that the personal information of the user is not leaked and the app is safe for users.
  • Software services in India are also following cross cloud testing. It involves standardizing the data formats and communication patterns among different cloud platform. This will not only keep the data secure, but also help developers run apps that can run on different cloud systems.
  • Business intelligence testing is used to determine the efficiency of a business software. They produce real time results and help businesses to understand key trends. These softwares check the intelligence of business application and the results help developers to find a solution for business improvement.
  • One of the growing trend is crowd source testing and it is very popular among freelancers. With the help of crowd source software, application development firms can save thousands of dollars, because they charge less money.
  • There will be a lot of emphasis on browser performance testing as well as server performance testing in the coming days. Client side testing is completely automated process and it uses web browsers to evaluate the end user experience.

These are some of the popular trends that can be seen in software testing services. With time and advancement in the technology, a lot of other trends are expected to hit the industry.

Latest Trends for a Web Designing Company to Follow

You know it appeals to your eyes the moment you see it- but what makes it look so eye-catching? A design firm puts it all its efforts in making a design stand out from the rest and that is certainly not possible without understanding different aspects of technology.

After completing my studies I started working for a web designing company in India and I learned a lot of new things about web designing. Since the technology is always evolving- I came across a few new trends in the industry that I feel every web designer/ web designing company should be aware of. Here they are –

  • Content- content has always been and will be the main focus – it should be efficient, searchable and accessible.
  • UX centered design – Simple and flat designs are the order of the day and the experience of the user and its content is what matters ultimately. Simple visual and interaction level is important for effective user experience.
  • Flat colors- Web designing company in India should focus on simplicity, minimalism, flat style, typography, flat colors, less decoration, app-style interface and less skeuomorphic interface.
  • SVG and responsive techniques – The use of multi-platform versions and cross platform technologies will direct to responsive design techniques such as webfonts, SVG, design with typography – getting more extensive.
  • Parallax Scrolling – Parallax Scrolling is the technique where the background images move more slowly than the foreground text. A web designing company should use this trick to create an immersive experience.
  • Infographic – information graphics are the representation of information/ data and knowledge in clear, quick designs, maps and signs. They are more engaging and visually attractive.

In addition to all the above mentioned aspects, I would say that web design is an industry that undergoes a lot of creative processes and these processes are followed by these trends. These trends bring out the best of designs and deliver better results. I have seen an immense improvement in my designs, the trick is to follow these trends and make them a part of your designing process.