Google Adwords Tactics that Can Boost Your Conversion Rate

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Google Adwords Tactics that Can Boost Your Conversion Rate

According to a report, spending on PPC ads increased by 12%, year-on-year and businesses make an average of $2 for every $1 they spend on AdWords. Based on the major marketing key performance indicators (KPIs), AdWords still generates the highest conversion rate and ROI as is palpable from the following graph.

The two most important aims of initiating a Google Adwords marketing are to achieve the following milestones:

  •  Increase the conversion rate
  •  Reduce the cost per conversion

All other goals look secondary in front of these two goals to the sagacious marketer. However, achieving these two goals is not everyone’s cup of tea as one has to be technically sharp and get acquainted with all the minute technicalities with respect to Google Adwords.

Following are the two best ways to improve your Google AdWords conversion rate and boost your business revenue.

Remarketing is an ideal CRO tool

Marketers never consider remarketing as a serious platform to optimize the conversion rate. However, if used effectively and efficiently, it can help you to save a lot of money and valuable time.

It is a fact that rarely any visitor gets converted into a customer during their first visit to the site. According to a study, “70% of buyers will abandon a shopping cart.” So, to convert this group of visitors into customers, remarketing plays a vital role. Once you start using the remarketing technique, you are simply showing the same ads that visitors viewed during their last visit. That way, you can drive them back to your website and stimulate them to buy your product.

Follow Click-Through Rate best practices

The Google defined click-through rate as “a ratio that shows how often people see and click your ads.”

So the definition itself implies that more the people click your ads, more will the visit on your landing page, and hence you will get more opportunities to bag by converting these visitors into customers. Hence, improving your Google AdWords conversion rate is more important than setting up multiple ads.

Following are the few click-through rate best practices that you can employ to lower your cost per conversion and boost your sales:

  •  Use title capitalization in your ad copy
  •  Consider the marketing search funnel
  •  Be mindful of your ad placement
  •  Test different match types

Google Adwords Marketing is a robust way to drive traffic to your website quickly. To make sure that your web pages pick up organic leads quickly, you can set up an AdWords PPC ad to generate quality leads for your business.

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