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Web development and its types


Web Development

You can hardly dispute that existence on the Internet is essential for all forms of companies. Benefits of making a website are evident, but some businesses don’t engage in website design at all. Contrary to the views of others, website development is an incredibly important aspect of any marketing campaign and that is why businesses approach a good web development company. A popular misconception today is that the demands of a conventional site have been replaced by social media sites, but that certainly is not the truth.

It is true that in current history online experiences with social media platforms, mobile devices, and applications have moved to the top of the charts. As a consequence of this, there have been drastic shifts in the way people use the web to buy, communicate, and look for information. Companies of various shapes and sizes had to change their online presence to keep their clients intact.

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Basics Of Web Development

Web development involves the construction and maintenance of websites. It is the job behind the curtain to ensure a website looks attractive, works quickly with high performance to deliver an uncompromising experience to its users. Web development varies from the creation of a basic static, plain-text page to sophisticated web-based apps, social network services, and electronic businesses Website Development

A website is a set of interlinked web pages that share a single domain name and are accessible to the public. A website development company offers Website development which is the work done using various programming languages and web technologies to create a website for a particular purpose on the internet.

Types Of Web Development

Types of web development

There are broadly three types of web development.

  • Front-End DevelopmentWork done on the user-facing side of the websites, applications, and software’s. It is associated with all the visual aspects that the users can see, such as the layout, navigation, graphics, and other aesthetic features. The front-end development is responsible for looking after the website’s appearance, feel, and interactive elements. It makes sure that everything the user sees is structured, aesthetically appealing and practical. Usually, the programming languages used to accomplish Front-End development are
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • JQuery
    • AngularJS
    • React
  • Back-End DevelopmentThe back-end development is one of the most vital jobs in web development. They build and manage what’s in the hood to keep the website alive and functioning efficiently. This type of web development is associated with the work done on the servers of websites, applications, and software’s to  ensure that everything works perfectly behind the curtain or at the back-end. In back-end development, a server-side code is written to make sure the flow of data to and fro from the front-end (visual and interaction for the user) of the website to its back-end (server and database). A variety of programming languages are there to accomplish back-end development which depends upon the nature of the work to be done. Typical programming languages used by a back-end developer to write are:
    • Java
    • PHP
    • C#
    • Ruby On Rails
    • MongoDB
    • MySQL
  • Full Stack DevelopmentThis type of development deals with both the front-end and back-end frameworks and languages, and also in network, server and hosting environments. A full stack developer can develop a complete website that is efficiently functioning and is dynamic as he/she has thorough knowledge and expertise in both sides of web development.Do you want to work with one of the best web development company in India?

Website Design And Development Process

Website Design and Development is a process that requires several minor steps. There are various phases in the creation of the website. The website is the spokes model for your company. It highlights the scope for your company to expand.

website design and development process
  1. Research And Information GatheringThis is the most critical step of website design and development. The beginning phase of website design and development is the collection of information, that is the review of client needs and criteria. It is also known as the”Discovery Phase.” In this process, the idea of the client is represented in the form of text on a paper. In the discovery process, it is crucial to consider the intent of making a website and it is also really important to know the aim of the website, which target audience you want to focus as well as the kind of content your target audience is searching for? Such considerations are essential for deciding the fundamental process of the architecture of the website.
  2. PlanningSuccessful website is the product of good planning. After the research and information collection, what happens next is planning. Planning is basically prioritizing activities for the completion of the website. At this point, we are creating a sitemap for the website. Here, we settle on the menus, content, and navigation scheme for the website.
  3. DesigningYour website takes shape during the design process. All visual material, such as pictures, images, and videos, are produced at this point. Yet again, all the knowledge collected during the first process is important. The client and the target demographic must be taken into consideration when you’re working on the design concept.It may be a graphic sketch or a real graphic layout. The original objective of the layout is to represent the structure of the information, illustrate the material, and show the basic functionality. The layouts include colors, icons, logos, pictures and will offer a clear idea of the upcoming product. After this, the designs are reviewed by the client and the approval cycle runs if revisions are demanded by the client.
  4. Content CompilationContent compilation typically coincides with other phases of website development, and its importance cannot be neglected. In this stage, it is important to bring in writing the very essence that you would like to convey to your website audience and incorporate call-to-action. Content writing often includes producing catch-up headlines, updating text, changing existing text, compiling current text, etc., which requires work. As a standard, the client undertakes to provide material on the website that is ready to move to the site. It is safer if all content on the website is delivered before or during the coding of the website.
  5. Development/CodingThe development process is also known as the ‘implementing phase.’ Now, this is the point at which the real website is beginning to be introduced. The development phase is another very significant stage for the creation of the website. Here, we’re combining all the knowledge we’ve gathered from the early stages. Creation of a database, logic, and real programming is achieved here.Frameworks and CMS can be introduced to ensure that the server can manage the installation and set-up easily. Profound understanding of every web development technology that you are going to use is imperative at this point.
  6. Testing, Review, And DeliveryTesting is carried out by QA, who is also responsible for planning the test cases. Below are the forms of testings done on the website:
    • Testing content
    • Functional evaluation
    • Testing the design
    After the website is checked and rechecked, it is then uploaded to the server.
  7. MaintenanceThe last step is maintenance of the website. At this point, the maintenance of the website is carried out for a short amount of time only. Maintenance involves upgrading the content and functionality of the website. The maintenance facilities are offered by the website development company for a fixed duration, so if the client wishes to prolong the service, he has to pay extra for it.

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